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Translation and

After graduating from a major translation school in Paris (ESIT - Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs), I first worked for a large international translation agency before moving to England for a year to discover the English culture and language as it is used in everyday life and in the professional world. There I learned programming languages and the process of editing technical books.

When I returned to France, I set up as a freelance translator, a status I have never left since.

Since then, I have worked for some of the largest IT companies in the world, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, and many car manufacturers (Bentley, Chrysler, Toyota, etc.)

Since then, I continue to translate into my mother tongues, but I offer translation/communication services in other European languages.

Finally, I am a member of Aprotrad (Aprotrad - Association professionnelle des métiers de la traduction), an association of professional translators


Translation and localization of content in all European languages, across various technical domains.

Website, software, and smartphone application localization in all European languages.

Translation of technical, commercial, and marketing documentation, press releases, and digital or print content.

Starting from 0.15 € excluding tax per source word, depending on the language combination and the specialized field.


I alsor offer revision services of French documents, in order to correct spelling and grammar mistakes and to enhance the writing style, if need be.

Starting from €60 excluding tax per hour, depending on the language and specialization.

Multilingual Project

- Multilingual project management, covering all European languages, from start to finish.

- Preparation and sending of quotes, purchase orders, invoices, management of freelance translators and reviewers, handling of your entire project.

- Collaboration with a team of graphic designers for layout and management of various file formats.

Starting from €60 excluding tax per hour, excluding payment for translators, proofreaders, graphic designers, etc...



Single contact: Having only one contact, me, allows to centralize information and to secure it efficiently. Over time, we will be able to develop a relationship of trust and speak "the same language" because I will know your products, your processes and your needs. I take charge of the project management from A to Z, from planning to final delivery. I coordinate the various tasks between the different service providers, while ensuring that everything is delivered on time and in compliance with quality objectives.

Language skills: I have a thorough knowledge of the languages I offer. I have a clear understanding of the grammar, vocabulary and syntax of both the language I translate into (French) and the source language (English and Spanish), which allows me to translate accurately and fluently.

Cultural knowledge: I have knowledge of the culture of the languages I translate. I am aware of the cultural differences between countries, which allows me to translate content while ensuring that it is relevant and appropriate to the target audience.

Professionalism: I am professional and respectful of confidentiality. I deliver quality work on time and within the agreed upon deadlines. I am also able to handle urgent requests efficiently.

Improved communication: Thanks to professional, high-quality multilingual translations, you can reach a wider audience, including non-English and non-French speaking customers. This improves the audience of your company or organization's communication on a global scale.